About Us

Oak Hill Technology, Inc. (OHT) is a multi-faceted company headquartered in Driftwood, Texas, with offices located 5 miles from downtown Austin.  Since 1990, OHT has served both the public and private sectors as a HUB certified, woman-owned business with expertise in:

  • state certification and testing
  • contact center solutions
  • K-12 education
  • surveys
  • data and project management
  • compliance monitoring

Over 28 years of experience in meeting the needs of multiple state, federal, and private agencies with quality results has garnered OHT the reputation as a leader in the delivery of content solutions.  Great customer service and commitment to business integrity has enabled OHT to successfully plan, ensure compliance with, and execute contracts in a timely manner, which has led to lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

By implementing and maintaining highly effective and responsive Customer Service Call Center programs as one of our core competencies, we are focused on providing a complete and cost-efficient solution.  Our professional contact center provides an exceptional level of responsiveness to client expectations, while our secure testing center supports a variety of education and business sectors with the necessary testing for educational certification and career goals.

Project management includes data collection, aggregation, and content delivery in the fields of education, healthcare, and state testing and licensing.  OHT’s data collection capabilities provide actionable data and information targeted toward client goals. Oak Hill utilizes scalable technologies with deliverables that clients can trust.