Quality Control and Compliance

Oak Hill Technology, Inc. (OHT) maintains strict standards of quality control, including continuous measurement of adherence to training guidelines and content management. In conjunction with our clients, OHT develops plans for training, key knowledge delivery, continuous maintenance of quality standards, and objectives measurement.

Documents are developed to ensure compliance with security measures, standards implementation, and regulatory maintenance of contract guidelines. Working with each client, we develop standards to be maintained by personnel and goals that need to be achieved with the implementation of every contract.

Our experienced team monitors training for fidelity to statewide testing programs.   Monitors observe the receipt and distribution of statewide assessment materials delivered to school districts, testing procedures and security for compliance with the Texas Education Agency policies.

Additional services are offered through our expertise in statewide monitoring of test centers for compliance. This ensures the test centers maintain a valid and fair set of administration standards.  OHT performs on-site audits of test centers for security violations, technical irregularities and enforcement of testing regulations. Test centers receive comprehensive reports documenting their overall adherence to security policies and procedures.