Education Services

Oak Hill Technology, Inc. (OHT) is experienced in quality assurance and monitoring of required assessments for Texas schools. We have over 20 years of experience with test development, special needs, security, data analysis, and reporting. Our expertise is with local and state agencies in educational services including test development through the use of educator committees for state standard setting, bias and item reviews, analysis, and test security. Certified teachers are utilized for their content expertise on projects that affect educational decisions made on the local, state, and national levels. Multiple focus areas and renewable contracts have enabled OHT to develop a base of knowledgeable content experts available for well-rounded committee development. OHT has experience delivering services to the deaf and hard of hearing through TEA and ETS projects, including working with professional interpreters who are educators throughout the state of Texas.

OHT has extensive experience coordinating committee meetings for Texas state agencies.  Committees consist of a cross-section of the various populations and demographics in the state.   A database of qualified candidates is maintained to support the agency’s need for diversity across the state of Texas.  The committees are balanced in terms of position, affiliation, years of experience, ethnicity, gender, and geographical location.

Our experienced staff monitor training for fidelity to the statewide testing program.   Monitors observe the receipt and distribution of statewide assessment materials delivered to school districts, testing procedures and security for compliance with the Texas Education Agency policies.